K-12 Schools and Colleges

Children in school hallway and high school students walking to class

Research has shown that the tobacco industry targets youth in several ways, such as internet marketing, magazine advertisements, placement of advertisements at retail stores and more. Currently 9.9% of high school students in Iowa smoke and 1,100 kids under age 18 become new daily smokers each year.12

While the Smokefree Air Act requires school campuses to be 100% smoke free, this law does not apply to smokeless tobacco or electronic smoking devices (ESD). Several schools across Iowa have adopted a comprehensive tobacco and nicotine free school policy to provide a safe learning environment for youth, staff and visitors. Many colleges and universities in Iowa, including Iowa State University, University of Iowa, and University of Northern Iowa, have also adopted comprehensive tobacco and nicotine free campus policies in support of a healthy campus culture.

For more information on tobacco free/nicotine free environment policies for schools, parks, businesses, community events, county fairs, rodeos and pharmacies in Iowa, please contact tobcontactus@idph.iowa.gov


Revised: 10/14/21