How to go Smoke Free

Implementing your smoke free policy can be simple with the help of resources provided by Iowa Smoke Free Homes. Review the steps below and refer to the Guidebook for Property Managers for more detail. You may also contact your local Smoke Free Homes expert for assistance and resources.

  1. Survey Your Tenants
    Inform your tenants that you are considering adopting a smoke free policy and why. Survey current residents using the sample survey provided by Iowa Smoke Free Homes, or create your own, to gather feedback.
  2. Create Your Policy
    Draft your smoke free policy and seek guidance from your legal consultant, management company and any other key stakeholders within your organizational structure. See 'Tools & Resources' for a sample lease addendum.
  3. Implement Your Policy
    Announce the date your policy will go into effect. You can choose a “phase-in” approach by having new residents, or residents renewing their lease, sign the smoke free addendum up until a certain date when the policy would be effective for all residents. You can also choose a “quit-date” approach by setting a date by which all residents must sign and abide by the smoke free addendum.
    Post signage to ensure compliance with the policy among tenants, visitors and staff. See the Iowa Smoke Free Homes website for examples of signs that you may be eligible to receive for free.
  4. Advertise
    Submit your policy to the Smoke Free Homes property listing or share your policy information with your local Iowa Smoke Free Homes contact to ensure your property(s) is listed on the Iowa Smoke Free Homes property listing. Your property(s) will appear when renters search for smoke free housing in your area.
  5. Follow up
    Survey tenants 60 to 90 days after the implementation of the policy. This will support management/tenant relations and support compliance and enforcement. You can find a sample follow up letter and survey under tools and resources on the Iowa Smoke Free Homes website.


Reviewed: 12/14/2018