Before You Rent

Before signing a lease with an rental property, there are a few steps you can take to ensure you and your family will be protected from secondhand smoke.

Questions to ask a property manager/owner before signing a housing lease

  • Does the apartment building have a smoke free policy? What areas of the building or property does the policy apply to? The Iowa Smokefree Air Act covers common areas, but not individual units.
  • Are any residents exempt or have a grandfathered lease that allows them to smoke in their apartment?
  • Are there signs in the building or on the property designating that it is smoke free?
  • Does the smoke free policy apply to visitors and staff?
  • Are electronic smoking devices, such as e-cigarettes, allowed in the building?
  • What are the enforcement steps for the smoke free policy?
  • What should a renter do if they smell cigarette smoke in their unit?


Revised 10/8/21