Talk to Your Property Manager

Talk to your property managerIt is important to express your concern with your property manager, as exposure to secondhand smoke can be extremely dangerous. See the steps below to prepare for the conversation.

Step One: Document the Problem

  • Where is the smoke entering your unit, where do you think it is coming from and what time of day do you smell it? Keep a log (see Secondhand Smoke Exposure Log) of when and where in your unit you smell smoke.
  • Are your neighbors experiencing the same problem? Have you approached the tenant you believe is smoking to politely ask them to smoke outside or away from the building? Keep track of all conversations.
  • Has your family experienced any illness you believe is due to secondhand smoke exposure? You can even ask your health care provide to write a letter that the secondhand smoke causes your family to be ill.

Step Two: Talk with your Building Manager

  • Write a letter or meet with your building manager or property owner to discuss this problem. Be positive and polite.
  • Share dangers of secondhand smoke, benefits of having a smoke free building and offer solutions to the problem. Explain that is it 100% legal to implement a smoke free policy in the apartment building. Share the Property Manager's Guide and the Iowa Smoke Free Homes Registry with your Property Manager.

Step Three: Work with an Outside Authority

  • Contact Iowa Department of Public Health, Division of Tobacco Use Prevention and Control to be connected with local tobacco control staff that can provide further assistance for talking with property managers and implementing a tobacco free policy


Revised 11/12/21