Iowa Smokefree Air Act

In the spring of 2008, Iowa lawmakers passed legislation to protect employees and the general public. The Smokefree Air Act prohibits smoking in almost all public places and enclosed areas within places of employment, as well as some outdoor areas.

The law applies to: restaurants, bars, outdoor entertainment events and amphitheaters. It also covers places of employment such as office buildings, health care facilities, and child care facilities. Smoking is allowed on the gaming floor of a licensed casino, as well as designated hotel and motel rooms.

Smoking is prohibited in enclosed common areas of multiunit residential buildings. 

Areas where smoking is prohibited (including but not limited to):

Hallways, Lobby/public waiting areas, Stairwells/elevators, Laundry facilities, Public restrooms, Management offices.

Areas where smoking is not regulated by the law:

Private residences (even if smoke from those areas infiltrate outside the residence into other areas).

Areas outside building entrances, external doorways or other outdoor/unenclosed areas (unless building/enclosed area is owned, leased, operated, or under the control of the state, county or city government.


Revised: 12/14/18